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Private university maths tutoring in Sydney

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Maths Tutors

So you need private university Maths Tutoring in Sydney. We really believe that one of these tutors is the perfect university maths tutor for you. 

private university maths tutoring in Sydney.

university maths tutor

Meet Mike

Hi I'm Mike; a Statistics, Economics, Econometrics and Marketing tutor with My Uni Tutor. I've helped 100+ uni students in Sydney achieve high grades in Economics, Econometrics and Statistics at Sydney Uni, Macquarie Uni, UNSW, UTS, UWS, Swinburne Online and a few other smaller institutions.


I'm employed as an academic tutor at the University of Sydney currently teaching Introductory Microeconomics, Intermediate Macroeconomics and Practical Econometrics. 

Subjects Areas Taught

Economics, Econometrics, Statistics


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Meet Jasper

Hi, my name is Jasper, a University of Sydney student and Mathematics tutor. I’ve had experience tutoring students of all ages from private tutoring employment, and various leadership positions. I’ve helped inspire students and pushed them to achieve much higher marks in multiple subjects, but particularly mathematics.


My focus has always been to have a level headed response to the most challenging of concepts and questions, and profound understanding. 

Subject Areas Taught:

Mathematics, Engineering


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Meet Dean

Hi guys, my name is Dean. I'm a high achieving Maths and Science tutor, with more than 5 years experience tutoring. I performed really well in my Maths and Science subjects while studying and can teach you how to improve your grades and perform in your exams. 


I recognise that every student is different so I try and tailor my teaching style to each students needs. I;m really friendly and outgoing, and try and make the learning experience fun.

Subject Areas Taught:

Mathematics, Science


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