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About My Uni Tutor

Have you left your study to the last minute? Need exam preparation? Need weekly tutoring?

Don't panic!

We offer everything necessary to ensure you succeed.


My Uni Tutor has provided university tutoring to hundreads of students in Sydney, helping them achieve high grades in Economics, Econometrics, Statistics, Accounting, and Finance. 

 Our private tutoring service is of the highest standard with all of our tutors performing at the HD level in their chosen degrees. All tutors have extensive experience tutoring university students both on a private basis and as academic tutors for Sydney universities. 

Often the most difficult roadblocks to university success are; 1. Understanding material, 2. Knowing which parts of a course are the most important, and 3. Getting practice. Our university tutoring service will ensure material from your course is broken down into digestible content and that your guided in the right direction through constant practical application and exam preparation. 


My Uni Tutor specialises in introductory, intermediate and more advanced level courses in all of the aforementioned fields. Further, we offer maths tutoring and theory programs to accompany economics tutoring and finance tutoring, and other maths and theory heavy courses. If you're unsure as to whether we can help, send us a message.

We're flexible with timing and location, equipped with the best resources, and will ensure that you get the help and practice you need to succeed!

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