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Meet your tutor!

So you're studying Economics at UTS. We really believe that Mike is the perfect fit for your tutoring needs. Meet Mike.


Economics, Econometrics, 

Statistics, Marketing

Hi I'm Mike; a Statistics, Economics, Econometrics and Marketing tutor with My Uni Tutor. I've helped 100+ uni students in Sydney achieve high grades in Economics, Econometrics and Statistics at Sydney Uni, Macquarie Uni, UNSW, UTS, UWS, Swinburne Online and a few other smaller institutions. I'm employed as an academic tutor at the University of Sydney currently teaching Introductory Microeconomics, Intermediate Macroeconomics and Practical Econometrics. I'm a friendly and down to earth University of Sydney Commerce graduate with a proven track record for getting the best out of my students. I completed my commerce degree with a WAM of 85. See what Mike's students think of him.

Grades & Achievements While Studying

Placed in the top 10 of my class: 

Econ1002 (Intro Micro) - 85 
Buss1040 (Intro Macro) - 88
Ecos2001 (Intermediate Micro) - 89
Ecos2002 (Intermediate Macro) - 90
Ecos3011 (Public Finance) - 88
Ecos 3013 (Environmental Economics) - 89 
ECMT1020 (Econometrics B) - 90
BUSS1020 (Quantitative Business Analysis - Stats A) - 85


Congratulatory awards for achievements:

MKTG 1001 (Marketing Principles) - 86 
MKTG 2113 (Marketing Research) - 88, 1st in class), 
MKTG 2112 (Consumer Behaviour) - 86, 2nd in class), 
MKTG 3110 (Digital Marketing) - 90, 2nd in class),
MKTG 3114 (New Product Development - 85, 2nd in class)
BUSS 3500 (Integrated Business Applications - 80, 2nd in class)


Academic Merit Prize

IPSOS Market Research Prize

I can help teach you how to decipher the more difficult topics, and put things in an assessment and exam transferable language.

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Mike's Endorsements

Here's what some of Mike's students have to say...

"Mike has tutored me for multiple subjects including ECMT1020 (Econometrics B) ECOS2001 (Intermeidate Micro) and ECOS3011 (Public Finance), and is the easily the best tutor I've had. His easy going nature and ability to clearly deconstruct difficult concepts makes him a really top tutor. There are very few concepts Mike can't explain, and with his help, I've gone from passes and credits to distinctions and high distinctions. Mike is a champ in the economics and business faculties- I recommend him to everyone." (Hanah, University of Sydney)


"Mike was an amazing tutor. I had no prior knowledge of economics (ECON 111) or econometrics (ECON241) before starting my degree and having Mike help me through both really helped. I couldn't have done it without him." (Megan, Macquarie University)


"Mike is the best tutor I have ever had by far. I had no prior knowledge in economics and received a distinction for the unit. He was great at explaining concepts and definitions in terms I would understand. Would HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!!!" (Ryan, Introductory Microeconomics, Swinburne Online)

"Mike tutored me for Intermediate Microeconomics (23567) at UTS. He is a great tutor, has a very good understanding of economics and explains concepts very well. My marks went from a passing grade to HD with the help of Mike." Olivia, UTS

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