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Michael Z. - Tutoring at USYD

James Head
Private Finance tutor at USYD Finance tutoring

Accounting, Finance



Hi I’m Michael! I am a fourth year Commerce (Liberal Studies) student at USYD. I have completed a finance major and am halfway through finishing an accounting major. I have a passion for finance and recently completed a 10-week summer internship program at renowned Australian boutique investment bank, Record Point. I have also completed an accounting internship at Deloitte and an internship at prominent Australian private equity house, MH. Carnegie and Co.

These practical experiences have augmented my understanding of business and finance and through this, along with my excellent communication skills, I will help bring the best out of all my

students and guarantee improved grades and better examination preparation.


I have experience in teaching and bringing the best out of students, evidenced through my year 12 tutoring business AceTut I ran for 2.5 years.


Awarded for achievement in classes:

FINC3017 – 80

FINC3022 – 82

FINC3013 - 84


$50 - $80 per hour











Here's what some students have to say about My Uni Tutor...

Hanah, University of Sydney - "Mike has tutored me for multiple subjects including ECMT1020 (Econometrics B) ECOS2001 (Intermeidate Micro) and ECOS3011 (Public Finance), and is the easily the best tutor I've had. His easy going nature and ability to clearly deconstruct difficult concepts makes him a really top tutor. There are very few concepts Mike can't explain, and with his help, I've gone from passes and credits to distinctions and high distinctions. Mike is a champ in the economics and business faculties- I recommend him to everyone."


Megan, Macquarie University - "Mike was an amazing tutor. I had no prior knowledge of economics (ECON 111) or econometrics (ECON241) before starting my degree and having Mike help me through both really helped. I couldn't have done it without him." (


Ryan, Introductory Microeconomics, Swinburne Online - Mike is the best tutor I have ever had by far. I had no prior knowledge in economics and received a distinction for the unit. He was great at explaining concepts and definitions in terms I would understand. Would HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!!!" 

Olivia, UTS - "Mike tutored me for Intermediate Microeconomics (23567) at UTS. He is a great tutor, has a very good understanding of economics and explains concepts very well. My marks went from a passing grade to HD with the help of Mike."

Mike's Endorsements



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