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Roy N. - Tutoring at USYD

James Head
Private Finance tutor at USYD Finance tutoring

Finance, Accounting, Economics, Statistics



Hi I’m Roy, I’m in my 5 th year of a combined Commerce/Arts degree where I triple-major in Finance, Economics and Mandarin. I have a passion for travelling and aspire to pursue a career in finance, having already completed a number of internships in accounting, strategy consulting and deals/transactions advisory for a number of large firms. I have a strong academic track record throughout my Finance and Economics majors and consider myself as an easy-going, approachable and down-to- earth individual. I can assist in assignments (especially finance assignments), exam preparation or just general understanding of course content!

I’ve also been lucky enough to go on 3 (short and full-length exchanges) abroad. This includes; 3 months studying Mandarin at NTU in Taiwan, 1 Month studying Mandarin at Peking University (Beijing) and 8 months abroad on Business School exchange at Mannheim Business School in Germany. As far as high school is concerned, I completed the IB Diploma and graduated in 2011.



1 in 25 Australians to receive the Huayu Enrichment Scholarship (to study abroad in Taipei)

Business School Exchange Scholarship ($2,000) (For Germany exchange)

International Exchange Scholarship ($1,000) (For Germany exchange)

Baden Wurtemburg Stipendium ($4,000) (For Germany exchange)

Noteable Grades:

ECON1002 Introductory Macroeconomics – 86

ECOS2001 Intermediate Microeconomics – 79

ECMT1020 Introduction to Econometrics - 79

FINC3017 Investments and Portfolio Management – 83 (top 10)

ECMT2150 Intermediate Econometrics – 87

ECMT2130 Financial Econometrics – 86

BUSS1030 Accounting, Business and Society – 82

ACCT2012 Management Accounting A - 83


Global 2 nd Place – Cornell International Real Estate Competition NYC (2016)

Nous Group Consulting Competition – USYD Campus Finalist (2016)

FMAA Consulting Case Competition – USYD Heat Finalist (2015)


$50 - $80 per hour














Here's what some students have to say about My Uni Tutor...

Hanah, University of Sydney - "Mike has tutored me for multiple subjects including ECMT1020 (Econometrics B) ECOS2001 (Intermeidate Micro) and ECOS3011 (Public Finance), and is the easily the best tutor I've had. His easy going nature and ability to clearly deconstruct difficult concepts makes him a really top tutor. There are very few concepts Mike can't explain, and with his help, I've gone from passes and credits to distinctions and high distinctions. Mike is a champ in the economics and business faculties- I recommend him to everyone."


Megan, Macquarie University - "Mike was an amazing tutor. I had no prior knowledge of economics (ECON 111) or econometrics (ECON241) before starting my degree and having Mike help me through both really helped. I couldn't have done it without him." (


Ryan, Introductory Microeconomics, Swinburne Online - Mike is the best tutor I have ever had by far. I had no prior knowledge in economics and received a distinction for the unit. He was great at explaining concepts and definitions in terms I would understand. Would HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!!!" 

Olivia, UTS - "Mike tutored me for Intermediate Microeconomics (23567) at UTS. He is a great tutor, has a very good understanding of economics and explains concepts very well. My marks went from a passing grade to HD with the help of Mike."

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